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Flinders Fertility has a long history of working with LGBTQIA patients and communities. Some of our leadership team were involved in lobbying for an important change in South Australian legislation in 2015, and today same-sex and single women are able to access fertility treatment without having to have a medical diagnosis of infertility. We believe in providing a supportive, non-judgmental environment for all patients, regardless of their identity or sexuality and believe that all families are valued.

The services we offer LGBTQIA patients include:

Donor program: We offer a long-running donor sperm program, with options for overseas donors, local donors and known donors. The decision to have a child using donation can often be complex, and there are many factors to be considered. Flinders Fertility’s counsellor has extensive experience in helping patients and donors navigate through this process. For more information about using donor sperm, click here.

Fertility preservation in gender diverse individuals: There can be many things to consider when affirming one’s gender, including whether or not to pursue the option of medical transition. With so much to think about, taking a moment to decide whether you want to have the option of a family in the future and understanding how to maximise your fertility options can sometimes be overlooked during the process. We encourage gender diverse individuals to seek advice from a Flinders Fertility doctor before medical transition begins in order to discuss all available fertility preservation options. We provide an inclusive, safe and non-discriminatory environment to assist you before, during, and after medical transition. For more information about our fertility preservation options, click here.

Surrogacy services: We are unable to offer a surrogacy program at this time, which unfortunately means we cannot offer treatment to people in need of this service, including same-sex male couples. However, if you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them and help guide you to other local providers.

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