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Donor Program

Donor Eggs

Flinders Fertility offers egg donation cycles to suitable patients who are unable to conceive using their own eggs. The clinic does not have access to an egg bank; however, our fertility doctors and counsellor can guide you in seeking a potential egg donor if this treatment is the most suitable option for you.

The decision to have a child using donation is complex and there are many factors to be considered. Flinders Fertility’s counsellor has extensive experience in helping patients and donors navigate their way through the implications of donor conception.

The egg donation pathway is a well-considered and timely process that can take months to reach the final stages.

Can egg donation help me?

Some women or couples may not be able to have a baby with their own eggs because they do not produce eggs or cannot use their eggs for some reason.

This may include:

  • Premature ovarian insufficiency or low ovarian reserve (low AMH).
  • A risk of passing on genetic issues.
  • If your ovaries have been affected by chemotherapy or serious illness.
  • If you have had repeated unsuccessful IVF treatment cycles that has indicated poor egg quality.
  • Advanced maternal age.

Accessing donor eggs

Flinders Fertility offers egg donation cycles to patients where the donor and the recipient are known to each other. Often our patients may have a sister, relative or friend who is willing to go through IVF procedures to donate their eggs.

If you can't find your own donor, our counsellor can provide advice and support in assisting you to seek a donor.

Who can be an egg donor?

Becoming an egg donor is one of the greatest acts of generosity. If you are considering donating your eggs, you need to:

  • Ideally have completed your family (or do not intend to have children).
  • Be under 35 (though if you have a good AMH level then up to 38).
  • Be in good health with no family history of hereditary disease.
  • Provide a family medical history.
  • Meet with our counsellor. Donating your eggs is a big decision and should be considered carefully. You are required to meet with our counsellor on at least two occasions to discuss the legal aspects of donation, confidentiality, and to help you prepare for discussing your decision to donate with your current or future partner. Donors with a partner will be asked to attend at least one of these meetings with their partner. The counselling service is available to you as an ongoing service, free of charge.
  • Undergo infectious and genetic screening tests.
  • Consent to a donor-conceived person who has reached the age of 18 years (or younger if they are deemed sufficiently mature), receiving your identifying details should he or she request them.
  • Understand that, in Australia, it is illegal to be paid for egg donation and that all donations are altruistic. Any costs incurred can be reimbursed by the recipients.

Want to find out more?

If you are considering using donated eggs or becoming an egg donor and wish to find out more, please contact our donor coordinator on (08) 8155 5333 or via email at Alternatively, you can arrange a chat with our patient care team or book an appointment with one of our fertility doctors. For information about treatment costs, you may wish to speak to our Finance team on (08) 8155 5333.