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Fertility Preservation

Cancer and Fertility

After a diagnosis of cancer, you may be feeling overwhelmed by everything you now have to consider. Looking beyond the immediate future might not be your first priority, but unfortunately, some of the treatments selected to help fight cancer can also cause infertility either temporarily or permanently.

There are options available to preserve or protect your fertility before cancer treatment begins. Generally, the earlier you consult with a fertility doctor, the broader the range of treatment options you will be able to consider. When booking an appointment at Flinders Fertility, you will be prioritised and seen as soon as possible by one of our fertility doctors, who will discuss the following with you:

  • Whether your cancer and cancer treatment may affect your ability to have a baby.
  • Your options for preserving fertility given your type of cancer and the urgency of treatment.
  • Whether the fertility preservation options will delay cancer treatment, and if so, for how long.
  • How each option may affect your health and the health of your future children.

You may be asked to make fertility preservation decisions quite quickly after diagnosis. These treatments can help to keep your options open for the future, but the decisions you make are personal, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Semen storage can be arranged quickly after a cancer diagnosis. An IVF treatment cycle to store your eggs or embryos can also be planned around your menstrual cycle. Your fertility doctor will be able to discuss your options depending on your cancer diagnosis.

Is financial assistance available?

Flinders Fertility offers generous fee concessions to patients with a cancer diagnosis, and most of the treatment costs are bulk billed. Services Australia now covers the storage costs for cancer patients if sperm, eggs, or embryos are frozen. Please contact our finance team at (08) 8155 5333 if you have any questions about costs.

Want to find out more?

For more information please request a copy of our Cancer and Fertility booklet, which provides a detailed overview of the fertility preservation options available.

How do I book an appointment?

For an urgent appointment, please call (08) 8155 5333 and we’ll do our best to see you immediately. We will require a referral from your Oncologist for the appointment, with specific information about your diagnosis.