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Advanced embryo selection

For most of our patients, we don't propose additional tests and add-ons as they rarely offer enough incremental benefit to warrant the additional costs.

However, for anyone who has experienced recurrent implantation failure or multiple miscarriages, who is older, or who just wants peace of mind that the best quality embryo is being transferred, we can provide an additional enhanced screening of embryos to improve the odds of a successful pregnancy.

We offer two approaches. Genetic testing (PGT-A) is an embryo biopsy process performed by our skilled embryologists to test embryos for a chromosome variation. This enables only chromosomally healthy embryos to be selected for transfer during an IVF cycle. This test is suggested for women who are 38 years or older or who have experienced failed pregnancies.

The other selection technique we offer is Life Whisperer, which can be used for all patients. This technique doesn't involve touching the embryos but uses AI and machine learning to review images of the embryos and rank them based on their likelihood to implant and lead to a successful pregnancy.

Used singly or together both techniques can help provide further peace of mind that the embryo with the highest chance of achieving a pregnancy is being selected first.