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Information for Referrers

Flinders Fertility has been serving the South Australian community for almost forty years.

In that time, we've not only helped thousands of patients achieve their dream of having a family, but we have also given back to our community in a number of ways, including helping to train and educate many South Australian doctors and specialists.

Since relocating to Glenelg in 2019, we now have the advantage of offering all services within a single purpose-built facility, which gives us far more control of our environment and results. We offer competitive success rates, a transparent fee structure and we receive excellent patient feedback.

The following information is helpful for us:

  • Relevant medical information.
  • Current medications.
  • Any known allergies.
  • Results of previous investigations or copies of correspondence from previous assessments of infertility, if any.
  • Up to date CST result.
  • Partner’s name and date of birth, if applicable.

We offer most of the common fertility treatments including cycle tracking, ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor sperm, PGT-A, fertility preservation (transgender, cancer patients, professionals seeking to postpone conception, etc). We also offer specialised services such as Life Whisperer for embryo selection (AI technology), gynaecological surgery, recurrent implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage clinics as well as preconception care.

We do not offer sterilisation reversal surgery for women, surrogacy, or advanced genetic testing of embryos for patients with known genetic disorders (PGT-M).