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Am I Suitable for Fertility Treatment?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to undergo fertility treatment, however, there are some factors that we are are obliged to consider.

While Flinders Fertility is committed to giving each of our patients the best chance of success through the highest standard of care and evidence-based medicine, there a variety of factors that may impact your treatment.

Below are some factors that you need to consider prior to treatment commencing. If you are unsure where to begin when deciding to undergo treatment, you can read our helpful guide on how to get started.

Age: In Australia, we are unable to treat women over the average age of menopause (51 years of age). At Flinders Fertility, women aged 45 and over will be counselled to use donor oocytes.

General Health: Patients with severe health issues that may mean they are unlikely to be able to carry a pregnancy or look after a child may need to undertake pre-pregnancy medical and social assessment and to demonstrate that they have sufficient support to enable them to look after a child.

Flinders Fertility reserves the right to request an external parenting assessment if it is felt this would assist in decision making about offering fertility treatment.

Mental Health: Patients with a history of severe mental illness may not be eligible for treatment. Recommendations from treating health professionals will be sought in these cases with the patient’s consent.

Criminal History: All fertility clinics are required to consider the welfare of the future child as paramount. This is a requirement under South Australian legislation – Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 1988. You will be unable to access treatment if you have:

  • A history of sexual offences against children
  • Had a child permanently removed from your care

A criminal history, particularly if recent, of other serious offences such as violent crime, drug offences and similar may also preclude you from accessing treatment depending on your individual circumstances.

You may also wish to consider whether you are prepared to go through the mental, physical and financial stress of having fertility treatment, which has no guarantee of a successful outcome. If you have any concerns about this, we recommend you make an appointment with our Counsellor.