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At Flinders Fertility, we believe in providing our patients the highest standard of care and improving outcomes through evidence-based medicine.

Our collaboration with Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre has seen us help train and educate many doctors and specialists in the 40 years that we have been serving the South Australian community.

Many of our research projects align with our focus on providing a minimally invasive and holistic approach to your care. Some of our projects include:

Flinders Environmental Epigenetics through Life (FEEL) study

This interesting and novel study is being carried out in collaboration with Finders University, and is investigating the relationship between paternal (father’s) stress exposure and reproductive outcomes. More information can be found in our news section.

Our Clinical Director, Dr Neerja Kamal, is currently working on an exciting research proposal with Flinders University, which will study the genetic, immune and lifestyle factors of patients who suffer from recurrent miscarriage or recurrent implantation failure. We look forward to sharing more information on this proposal as soon as it has been approved.

Dr Neerja Kamal and our scientific team closely monitor laboratory outcomes using The Vienna Consensus, an expert consensus opinion that provides benchmark values for key performance indicators (KPIs). Dr Kamal has a keen interest in quality improvement in IVF unit and has completed a study looking at the role of Vienna consensus in improving clinical and laboratory outcomes. This study is in collaboration with Prof Bill Ledger and our scientific team.

Fertility Assessment and advice Targeting lifestyle choices and behaviours (FAST) study

The FAST study aimed to determine whether providing infertile couples with individualised lifestyle assessments and ongoing support facilitates positive lifestyle changes to enhance healthy fertility. The outcomes, published in Human Reproduction, can be found here.

Effect of Acupuncture vs Sham Acupuncture on Live Births Among Women Undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation

This was a randomised clinical trial that looked into the use of acupuncture to increase the likelihood of a live birth in women undergoing IVF. The completed study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, can be found here.

Ovarian Stimulation Single Injection Elonva (OSSIE) study

The OSSIE study looked at the use of a single dose of Elonva to provide adequate controlled ovarian hyperstimulation during IVF treatment. Details of the completed trial can be found here.

Mouse GDF9 decreases KITL gene expression in human granulosa cells

This study looked at the role of KITL gene expression on the regulation of important growth factors in the human ovary. It was published in Endocrine, and can be found here.

Many of our embryologists have completed higher degrees with a strong focus on improving current IVF outcomes for patients:

  • Dr Ashleigh Storr – completed her PhD in 2018, which focussed on embryo selection and the use of novel technologies for the optimisation of IVF outcome
  • Dr Siew Wong – completed her PhD in 2017, which investigated how obesity causes anovulation and altered embryo development, and aimed to test the efficacy of certain drugs on improving oocyte quality and offspring susceptibility to obesity.

Fertility Society of Australia Conference (2014):

Effect of Ovarian Tissue Disaggregation on Follicle Viability

Flinders Survivorship Conference (2015):

Egg Freezing is now a viable fertility preservation option for oncology patients.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference (2013):

Culture of frozen-thawed embryos to blastocyst and transfer significantly improves pregnancy rates compared with transfer of embryos post thaw.