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We believe that everyone, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, should have the opportunity to love and to experience that unique bond between parent and child.


Flinders Fertility has been providing eligible single women and same sex couples with compassionate, patient-centred care for many years, and recent changes to South Australian Legislation mean that Flinders Fertility can now offer services and provide treatment to more women, not just those with a medical condition affecting fertility.

The changes to the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 1988 bring South Australia into line with other states so that single women and same sex couples will not need to travel interstate for treatment. However, only patients that have a proven medical condition affecting fertility will qualify for Medicare rebates and concessions, as Medicare only provides benefits where ART is the clinically appropriate response to infertility. Patients that are not eligible for Medicare rebates will have approximately $7,000 in out of pocket costs for an IVF Cycle, not including the cost of medication, day surgery, an anaesthetist, or donor services if required.

The changes mean that single women and same sex couples experiencing social infertility, for example, women without a male partner, will be able to access fertility treatment in South Australia for the first time. It also means for the first time in South Australia that women will be able to 'bank' their eggs ( egg freezing or cryopreservation ) as a means of preserving fertility for the future when they are ready to conceive.

These changes may positively impact on your wish to become a parent, so, to find out more, please arrange a referral from your Doctor for a consultation with a Flinders Fertility Specialist, and this could be the start of a personalised treatment plan designed to help you achieve parenthood.

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