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Life Whisperer (AI Technology)

Flinders Fertility was the first clinic in Australia to offer Life Whisperer, a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence technology that works hand-in-hand with our embryologists to provide an objective assessment of embryo viability.

Life Whisperer

What is Life Whisperer?

Did you know that one of the major factors responsible for achieving a pregnancy during IVF is the ability to select the right embryo? We have previously written about its importance in our news section. Life Whisperer is a machine learning tool that is able to identify features within an embryo that the human eye can’t see, so embryologists can determine with more certainty which embryo has the best chance of implanting.

Life Whisperer has been trained and developed using thousands of images of day 5 embryos (also known as blastocysts) and it has been tested in many different laboratories around the world to show that it is able to predict fetal heart potential with increased accuracy. Ongoing clinical studies are in progress to assess the improvement in live birth outcomes.

How does it work?

The technology is non-invasive and can be easily applied in the IVF laboratory alongside traditional selection methods already used by our embryologists. The AI analyses detailed images of your blastocysts and generates a score for each one, providing the embryologist with an order of priority for transfer. All patients undergoing cycles involving fresh embryo development can access Life Whisperer; however, it cannot be used on embryos that have already been frozen. The technology also doesn’t test the chromosomes of an embryo and therefore is unable to replace genetic testing.

What does it cost?

Life Whisperer costs $195 per cycle, and there are no restrictions on the number of embryos that can be analysed. Click here for a full list of our treatments and their costs.

Want to find out more?

If you are looking for more information about the benefits of Life Whisperer and whether this might be a good option for you, you can arrange a nurse chat or book an appointment with one of our fertility doctors. More information can also be found on the Life Whisperer website: