Our New Lab at TechInSA

The Flindersfertility Laboratory was re-located from Flinders Medical Centre to TechInSA,  the state-of the-art bio-sciences hub at Thebarton, in November, 2016.

The Flinders Fertility Lab is now one of the most advanced embryology laboratories in Australia, constructed to meet the latest international quality and performance standards. We are confident that the custom-made facilities will allow us to offer a higher level of patient service, improve laboratory efficiency and provide one of the safest, most stable and secure fertility facilities in Australia for the storage of our patients’ reproductive materials.

Our new central location - just fourteen kilometres from FMC and three kilometres from the new Royal Adelaide Hospital will provide greater patient amenity, more convenient access, and free parking, and the co-location with our strategic Pre-implantation Genetic Screening partner, Reproductive Health Sciences (RHS) will enable close and efficient collaboration, further speeding your journey to parenthood.

What does this mean for you?

Storage of reproductive material

Reproductive material (sperm, eggs and/or embryos) stored at FMC will move with us to a highly secure state-of-the-art storage facility. The welfare of your gametes will be ensured by Flinders Fertility’s engagement of a specialised medical transport company to manage the move. Flinders Fertility will bear the transport costs.

On arrival, they will be stored in one of the most stable and secure fertility facilities in Australia, supported by on-site fail safe power systems including a whole-of-building uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up generator, as well as Flinders Fertility specific UPS’s to maintain optimum storage and incubation conditions.

Embryo transfers

All embryo transfers (fresh and frozen) are performed at our TechInSA facility, while Egg pick-ups are performed at Glenelg Day Surgery, 4 Gordon St, Glenelg.

Semen collection

There are 2 options for Semen collection. Collection can be done by you at home, then you can personally deliver the sample to our new Lab, or collection can be performed at our new Lab at TechInSA.

Oncology patients will be able to have their semen delivered to our new Lab at TechInSA.

It is not only business as usual at Flindersfertility, but the new Laboratory at TechInSA shows our dedication to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence for the benefit of our patients. We look forward to welcoming you to our new Laboratory facilities, and, in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us on (08) 8155 5333  if you would like more information.

How to Find Us

Level 1, TechInSA 
2 Ann Nelson Drive
Thebarton SA 5031

Please refer to our Google Map under Locations on our Homepage.

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