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The Flinders Fertility Wellbeing And Fitness For Fertility Program.

The Flinders Fertility team know that a healthy mind and body is important to becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby, and place a high priority on encouraging individuals and couples to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

To assist our patients in making changes to their lifestyle that maximises the chance of conceiving a healthy baby Flinders Fertility offers support and referral to:

  1. A Fertility and Fitness Exercise and Nutrition Program at EFM Bedford Park.
  2. Nutrition and fertility packages through Nutrition Professionals Australia ("NPA").

These are individualised and realistic lifestyle modification programs for people that:

  1. Want to get their lifestyle in order to increase their chances of a pregnancy before considering assisted reproductive technology.
  2. Are having difficulties conceiving.

The goals of these lifestyle modification programs are to:

  1. Improve nutrition.
  2. Improve fitness.
  3. Reduce stress.
  4. Reduce weight.
  5. Adopt long term healthy lifestyle choices.
  6. Enjoy good health.

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Find Out More

At Flinders Fertility we recognise that a website may not cover all your information requirements.  That's why we offer a number of information options. So, if you want to find out more about our Wellbeing And Fitness for Fertility program, either:

  1. Call on 131 IVF (131 483) to talk to the coordinators (Gill and Joanne).
  2. Email us at enquire@flindersfertility.com.au.

If you require the aid of an interpreter please let us know, as well as any specific regional dialect that you may require.

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