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In addition to offering quality assisted reproduction treatment and services, Flinders Fertility is also a self-funded medical research body. The charter of Flinders Fertility is to support Flinders based research of international standing in the field of reproductive medicine and women’s health.

Even though Flinders Fertility directly conducts medical research internally, it nevertheless supports external research through the system of annual grants.  Grant funding is achieved through the income it generates from the provision of assisted reproduction treatment and services.

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Research Grants

Applications for grants will open during August 2017.

Grants will only be awarded in the fields of reproductive medicine, in particular onco-fertility, and women’s health.  Whilst some research may fall across multiple categories, applicants must nominate only ONE category for their application.

As applications will be scrutinised by both Clinicians and Scientists specialising in various fields of medical research, as well as lay Board members, it will be in your interest to keep your application concise and apply a style that is as easy to read as is possible, notwithstanding the complexity of the research programme being described.

Applicants will be asked not to submit more than one application per year, nor should a group of researchers apply more than once per year; for instance a group of four researchers putting in four applications, switching Chief Investigators. This will NOT maximise your chances and may prejudice an application.

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Interested In Applying?

If you are interested in applying for a research grant in 2016, please direct your inquiry to:

Mr Stefan Moro
Chief Executive Officer
Flinders Fertility
Level 4, Flinders Medical Centre
Flinders Drive, Bedford Park
South Australia 5042

T: 131 IVF  (131 483)
F: +61 8 8204 6299
E: enquire@flindersfertility.com.au

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