The World Egg Bank

Flinders Fertility and The World Egg Bank are providing a world of choice to help meet the growing demand for donor eggs in South Australia due to the shortage of local donors.

The World Egg Bank is the largest egg bank in the world, and our partnership means that over 250 donors registered with The World Egg Bank are available in South Australia exclusively through Flinders Fertility. As a World Egg Bank verified clinic, Flinders Fertility is able to provide eligible recipients with an alternative option to local donors, assist with donor selection, manage donor approval, and arrange the secure shipment of eggs from The World Egg Bank to Flinders Fertility where personalised care and specialised patient treatment will be provided.

Following consultations with a Flinders Fertility Specialist, and the Flinders Fertility Counsellor, eligible recipients can register with the World Egg Bank on-line at  and select an Australian Compliant donor, between 21 and 35 years of age.

Flinders Fertility will ensure that the selected donor has successfully undergone counselling in accordance with Australian and South Australian legislation, and that the selected donor has been rigorously  screened to meet Australia’s high medical standards.

Following donor approval by Flinders Fertility, eligible recipients will contract directly with the World Egg Bank and make a payment directly to the World Egg Bank for their eggs and their safe shipment from Phoenix to Flinders Fertility.

World Egg Bank costs ( payable directly to the World Egg Bank ) are US$16,500 for six mature vitrified eggs and US$1,600 for international shipping costs, while the Flinders Fertility Treatment Fee is AU$4,000 ( payable directly to Flinders Fertility ) which covers:

  • Planning and management of the egg thawing process;
  • Preparing the eggs for fertilisation;
  • ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection );
  • Cycle planning and management;
  • One Frozen Embryo Transfer; and
  • Storage for 12 months.

For more information about the World Egg Bank as an alternate option to local egg donors, please call the Flinders Fertility Coordinator on 131 IVF or email

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