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  3. Financial Assistance Is Available.
  4. Accommodation Assistance.
  5. Patient Assistance Transport Scheme ("PATS").
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Fertility treatment is already an emotional, stressful and possibly costly experience for patients. Even without the added complications of distance and availability.
To make fertility treatments and services just that little bit easier for patients in remote, rural and outer metro areas, Flinders Fertility has introduced:

  1. A video conferencing service — Telefertility.
  2. Financial assistance.
  3. Accommodation assistance.

In addition, further assistance is available through the State Government's Patient Assistance Transport Scheme ("PATS").

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Telefertility - Video Conferencing

Face to face consultations may be preferable.  However in certain circumstances, you may wish to use the Telefertility service as an alternative.

The TeleFertility service offers:

  1. Web consultations.  Count on the high levels of performance and security.
  2. Case management and monitoring with your local General Practitioner where possible.

This means:

  1. Reduced waiting time to see a Fertility Specialist.
  2. Increased access to a Fertility Specialist.
  3. Less patient travel, less time off work and less expense.
  4. Available via home computer or medical centre personal computer.

Flinders Fertility will assess each referral and provide the patient with information on the purpose, importance, benefits, risks and possible costs. Web consultations only commence once you and Flinders Fertility are happy and any risks are understood.

If you would like to register for the service, please email us on

For more information, please download our "Telefertility Information Statement" (pdf 64KB).

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Financial Assistance Is Available

The various fees involved with fertility treatment can be daunting — or even insurmountable — for some patients. Thankfully, eligible rural and remote South Australian residents may also receive fee concessions from Flinders Fertility to help bring fertility treatments and services within reach.

Please go to our Fees and Concessions - Rural and Remote Concessions page for further information.

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Accommodation Assistance

Marion Holiday Park offers patients of Flinders Fertility a 15% discount on accommodation.

To receive the discount, guests of the Marion Holiday Park must mention the Flinders Fertility discount at the time of booking and get their doctor to complete a verification letter.  Flinders Fertility may also complete the verification letter.

Please visit the Marion Holiday Park web site for further information, or call on (08) 8276 6695.

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Patient Assistance Transport Scheme ("PATS").

PATS is a government subsidy to help with transport and accommodation expenses when patients travel more than 100 kilometres to see a specialist.

Please go to the Country Health SA web site for further information.

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Find Out How Flinders Fertility Can Help You?

Want to find out more about how we can help you? either:

  1. Call on 131 IVF (131 483) to talk to our Telefertility Coordinator.
  2. Email us at

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