Overseas Patients

If you live outside Australia, you can still access the fertility treatments and services offered by Flinders Fertility.

Our Fertility Specialists will build a tailor made treatment program to suit your specific needs including:

  1. Implementing a program to help your local doctor manage your treatment.
  2. Conducting consultations electronically.
  3. Minimising your travel time (potentially to as little as 2 weeks).

It is important to bear in mind that international patients will not be entitled to access rebates and safety nets under the Medicare program for fertility treatment, therefore the treatment and service fees provided in the General Fees section will not be applicable.

International patients will also need to satisfy the Eligibility Criteria.

If you would like to make an enquiry about accessing our treatments and services, and fees we would be delighted to assist.  Either:

  1. Call on 131 IVF (131 483).
  2. Email us at enquire@flindersfertility.com.au.

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