Clinics & Success Rates

Success rates can be affected by:

  1. The age of patients (and partners).
  2. The cause of the infertility problem.
  3. A patient’s lifestyle.
  4. The type of patients a clinic treats e.g., their BMI, diagnosis and length of infertility.
  5. A clinic’s treatment practices.

A clinic that treats proportionately more patients with complicated diagnoses may have a lower average success rate than clinics that treat more patients with common fertility issues.

While it is important to appreciate a clinic’s pregnancy rates, it is paramount to understand that consultations with a Fertility Specialist and possibly tests are required to personally assess your situation and your likelihood of success. 

It is for this reason that we endeavour to keep our initial and subsequent
consultations as affordable as possible.  Initial consultations are bulk-billed.

It is not an issue for us if after the consultations and tests you choose to continue your journey with another fertility organisation.  If we have armed you with the necessary information to make an informed decision then we have fulfilled one of our objectives of "providing support, education and information to individuals in relation to reproductive medicine".


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